PT Magazine: Printed or digital advertising? The main thing is to plan strategically!

Many marketing activities are planned for retail companies each year. Maintaining an overview, recognising possible overlaps, planning as cost-effectively as possible, sustainably and at the right time, and addressing different target groups via several channels, is increasingly a challenge for retailers.

When planning their advertising activities, retail companies are increasingly relying not only on printed brochures but also on digital formats such as shopping apps, digital flip catalogues and personalised couponing.
In order to coordinate the corresponding marketing measures as cost-effectively and sustainably as possible, while at the same time saving time, manually controlled processes are no longer sufficient these days. 
Alexander Kunkel, Managing Partner at retailsolutions, reports in PT Magazine how innovative, preconfigured solutions such as the SAP add-on Promotion Planning & Calendar (PP&C) support retailers in visualising and controlling all promotions - printed and digital - end-to-end.

Not only is the planning of the various measures possible via PP&C, but also the analysis of older marketing measures. This allows retailers to look at past campaigns and optimise similar campaigns in the future in order to generate the best possible sales. The holistic processing of all procedures in PP&C not only saves processing time, but also costs in the long term.

The article from PT-Magazine is only available in german.