retailsolutions on "Cloud computing: How secure is data in the cloud?"

Cloud computing in the retail sector: rising security concerns obsolete? Find out from Steffen Bold, Senior SAP Basis Consultant at retailsolutions, why moving to the cloud not only eliminates reservations, but also offers decisive security advantages. A look at the integration of cyber security and data backup in the cloud as well as the expertise of hyperscalers.

The integration of cloud-based technologies in the retail sector has not only long been established, but has also dispelled initial reservations. Find out how security concerns about cloud computing are being refuted by the expertise of hyperscalers and integrated security mechanisms in the cloud. The increasing need for a technology shift in the competitive environment is motivating companies to move their IT structure to the cloud. Learn how this not only enables more efficient processes, but also ensures security aspects through innovative solutions such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Retail.