Axfood: Effective use of POS information at Axfood

  • Axfood is Sweden's second largest player on the Swedish food retail market

  • Vision: To be the leader in good and sustainable food

  • 300 Group-owned stores, trading partner of about 900 additional stores in Sweden

  • The principal owner is Axel Johnson AB, with 50.1% of the shares

  • Axfood had an operating profit of 226,42 million Euro in 2019

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Success Story

Axfood: Effective use of POS information at Axfood

Previously, the sales data from the existing POS system was loaded directly from the middleware into an internal data warehouse system. Now, with the implementation of SAP CAR, Axfood is able to use all POS information.

  • Creation of a central audit point to collect all Axfood sales data

  • Enable future implementation phases of SAP products (SAP PMR, SAP UDF)

  • Storage of data loaded into the data warehouse system with the additional audit functionality within SAP CAR

  • Ensure a daily accurate total sales reconciliation between POS and POSDTA


  • Implementation of the SAP CAR POSDTA inbound

  • Implementation of SAP CAR POSDTA outbound to legacy and reporting systems

  • Implementation of the SAP PI interface


  • Central Audit Point

  • Total Axfood sales data in one location

  • Near real-time transaction processing and outbound processing

  • Less touch points for data transfer

  • Enables further SAP application integration


With CAR in place, Axfood has laid the foundation of the next-generation platform to accelerate data-driven decision making and process optimisation.

retailsolutions has been a close advisor and implementation partner, providing product expertise, relevant industry experience and taking great responsibility for realizing the business potential of the investment.


Cecilia Landsberger,

Axfood Program Manager