Rewe Systems: Assurance of article master data quality with Machine Learning based on SDQC

  • REWE Systems GmbH is the central solution provider for information
    and telecommunication systems of REWE Group

  • The company plans, designs, develops, configures and operates efficient
    systems and applications for REWE Group - one of the leading German and
    European retail and tourism groups with around 330,000 employees

  • Employees of REWE Systems: approx. 1,000 IT specialists

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Success Story

Rewe Systems: Assurance of article master data quality with Machine Learning based on SDQC

REWE will continue to rely on the SAP Addon SDQC from retailsolutions to ensure the quality of master data – now with an additional component: The Machine Learning Engine.

  • Master data records from approx. 1,6000,000 articles, over 10,000 suppliers

  • Different assortments in the ultrafresh, food and non-food sectors

  • Grouping of articles with the same price for joint sales price maintenance

  • Ensuring the correct article description is maintained during article creation

SDQC – Superior Data Quality Cockpit
The add-on from retailsolutions ensures the quality of the article master data with the help of integrated machine learning.


  • Test rules adjustable through customizing: easily configured with a few clicks

  • Application of the rules online in all relevant transactions or via offline batch check

  • Integration of machine learning algorithms


  • Significantly higher data quality in the article master through a combination of validation rules and machine learning

  • Considerable reduction of incorrectly maintained sales prices through machine learning

  • Reduction of process costs through lower error rates


With the machine learning component of SDQC we have created another possibility to improve the master data quality sustainably. This is an important step towards the digitalisation.

REWE Systems

Vasil Kolev

Product Owner Master Data, REWE Systems


With MD/QC, we have created the technical conditions to permanently improve the quality of our master data.

REWE Systems

M. Georgiev

REWE Group Buying