Planning in fast motion

  • Switzerlands‘ Premier Fashion & Department Stores

  • Founded in 1907 with headquarters in Spreitenbach, Switzerland

  • The company has been part of the Migros Group since 1997

  • It operates 15 Globus department stores in Switzerland, as well as 25 Herren Globus stores

  • 60 other branded stores

  • CHF 808 million sales (2018)

  • 3012 Employees (2020)

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Success Story

Globus Switzerland: Planning in fast motion
(Success Story in German language)

Integrated planning is extremely important for Globus. However, a constantly growing volume of data increasingly affected the system's response times. The introduction of SAP HANA is intended to accelerate Globus' planning and reporting processes and make them fit for the increasing demands of the coming years.

  • 7 department stores, 800,000 articles in the total assortment and a network of 3,500 suppliers cause an enormous amount of data that is constantly growing

  • The more data has to be scanned, the longer a query to the system takes

Implementation of SAP BW on HANA
Instead of using SAP HANA to accelerate only the information that is frequently needed, Globus now stores all data from SAP NetWeaver BW in the in-memory appliance. Any query is thus considerably faster than before.


  • Completely new installation of SAP NetWeaver BW at the latest state of the art

  • Implementation SAP HANA

  • Compression of data from 450 gigabytes to 150 gigabytes in the data warehouse


  • Up to 80 times faster database access in planning and reporting

  • 4 times less memory requirements

  • Problem-free merging of all data from different areas of the company

  • Reduction of administrative workloads

Integrated planning is extremely important for Globus. We wanted to organise it more efficiently.


Alexander Weiss,

Manager Processes & BW in Fresh Produce & Retail, Migros IT Services


SAP delivers more reliable data and thus better decisions. SAP brings advances in work areas and processes.
With retailsolutions, we have found a partner who could effectively implement these advantages for us.
That is impressive.


M. Dietrich,

Business Executive